Is CBD Good for Athletes?

Before they were cancelled, the 2020 Olympic Games were set to be the first allowing CBD to be used by  athletes. The main parameter is that CBD oil for athletes must not contain more than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive element in cannabis.

The decision was triggered in part by the World Anti-Doping Agency’s decision to remove CBD from its list of banned substances in 2017. However, shifting attitudes towards cannabis and hemp in many countries, anecdotal research, and pressure from athletes, were equally critical to the agency’s policy shift.

As an example, Major League Baseball made a major change to its drug-testing policy in 2019, removing cannabis from its list of banned substances, instead, treating medical mariujanna like alcohol. This policy shift includes the go-ahead for the use of CBD by MLB players.

At the same time, a procession of retired National Football League players has rallied for the league to allow active players to use CBD in management of the intense beating their bodies endure. So effective was this athlete lobbying for CBD, that the league initiated discussions with cannabis users and scientists in 2020 to better understand its effects and potential side effects.

Global legislative changes have allowed increased access to cannabis products in many countries, as well. CBD has also become readily available as over-the-counter and online CBD products in the United States, as well as progressive cannabis countries including Germany, Japan, the U.K, and others.

Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage

Exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD) is characterized by symptoms that take effect immediately and for up to 14 days after the initial exercise activity, and can result in a condition known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

This is a condition experienced by those who have not been physically inactive for prolonged periods of time. This condition also occurs in athletes who exercise beyond their normal limits of training.

Exercise that involves eccentric (muscle lengthening) contractions in large amounts, or strenuous, unfamiliar activity, can cause ultrastructural damage to skeletal muscle myofibrils and the surrounding extracellular matrix. Essentially, this exercise-induced muscle damage impairs muscle function and initiates an inflammatory response.

While inflammation is, in part, to repair and regeneration, excessive inflammation is known to prolong muscle soreness and delayed functional recovery, as many professional athletes have reported.

CBD for Sports and Athletic Injuries

Pain from injury is defined as a condition in a well-defined location, and generally occurs abruptly during, or within hours after the injurious activity. Left untreated, pain from injury tends to stay the same or get worse on its own, and is promptly worsened by re-using the injured area.

There are four primary categories of pain associated with sports activity.

  1. Pain from joint sprains: Sharply, sudden pain when moving the joint in a specific direction. Unstable joints take form as irregular or inconsistent pain.
  2. Pain from tendonitis or tendon strains: Condition felt when using the muscle to which the tendon attaches, and gets noticeably worse the more the muscle and tendon are used.
  3. Pain from fractures: A sudden onset of pain during a trauma; sharp and severe sensations accompanied by obvious bony deformity and loss of function.
  4. Pain from nerve injuries: Tingling, electrical shock-like, and burning sensation often accompanied by the deterioration or loss of motor or sensory function. Nerve pain typically comes and goes slowly, but can be constant when severe.

The latest research has given rise to many individuals now turning to a cannabidiol compound, known as CBD. This compound comes in many forms, but most agree that products like Fire+Ice CBD relief cream, are the best type of CBD for localized relief.

Tennis elbow, the most common cause of pain in the elbow symptoms, is an example of exercise-induced muscle damage to the tendon and muscle pain that can become a chronic condition .Is CBD Good for Athletes?

Tennis elbow causes inflammation and pain in the elbow tendons, making flexing the elbow joint difficult or painful. This painful condition can become so severe that it can interfere with other daily activities, affecting one’s normal life.

CBD Research

CBD is the subject of many ongoing studies, particularly among athletes as an alternative to frequently prescribed opioids for the responsible management of pain. Opioids have a high rate of dependency and misuse. CBD, on the other hand, has mild side effects without risk of dependency.

Fire+Ice CBD creams, transdermal patches, and tinctures help provide relief and recovery in a natural, non-addictive, and non-psychoactive way.

Combining CBD with other ingredients, like herbs and botanicals, can potentially help generate different product experiences. In the case of Fire+Ice CBD for athletes, our exclusive blend of over 50 premium ingredients produces even more powerful relief.

CBD for Athletes in the News

Sprinter Michael Frater was a member of the world record-setting 4×100 metres relay team from the 2012 London Olympics. In 2015, his knees began giving him trouble. Ultimately, these injuries forced him into retirement.

Doctors were puzzled how one of the fastest sprinter in the world suffered from constant swelling and fluid build-up in his knees. Frater’s condition was so debilitating it left him relying on a wheelchair as he travelled around the world seeking a medical solution.

His father, Lindel, suggested he try cannabis oil. Within a month, the former sprinter said he felt “brand new.”

Is CBD Good for Athletes?

Final Thoughts on CBD for Athletes

CBD can be useful in optimizing improved physical and athletic performance, and bringing homeostasis, or balance, to an unbalanced system. As cultural shifts change and cannabis becomes more accessible, research is ongoing on exploring how CBD can potentially assist in managing relief and injury recovery after intense physical exertion.

Athletes looking for potential enhanced performance find Fire+Ice CBD products an effective part of their daily training routine.

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