Benefits of Arnica for Pain Management

There are a number of reasons you may want to try taking an herbal route to healing. Perhaps you’re not an herbalist or well-versed in plant medicine, or maybe you’re an active person or athlete just starting your wellness journey with CBD for pain relief and recovery. Regardless of your education or experience level surrounding CBD, you may be wondering why Fire+Ice chooses to incorporate an exclusive blend of compounds to accompany our pure CBD isolate line of products. One outstanding herb we put in our proprietary blend is arnica. The active chemicals present in arnica may play a role in reducing swelling, decreasing pain, and acting as an antibiotic.
At Fire+Ice, we truly believe in the power of our products and that’s why we are extremely selective with the ingredients we use. This superior combination of premium ingredients helps the endocannabinoid system deliver what we like to call the “ensemble effect.” The theory behind the ensemble effect is that there is the potential for enhanced beneficial effects from CBD when multiple compounds synergistically work in tandem.
In this post we will help explain the potential health benefits of using arnica topically and  specifically when used with pure CBD isolate for pain management and recovery.

What is Arnica?

Arnica, or Arnica montana, is a perennial flower plant that produces colorful flowers that may appear similar to daisies. Arnica is typically found in the mountains of Europe and Siberia and has been widely cultivated in North America for a myriad of potential medicinal purposes. Typically, the fresh or dried flower heads are harvested for medical use in topicals like gels and creams.
*It’s important to note that in herbal form, arnica can be potentially hazardous and even lethal if consumed orally. Therefore, arnica is usually administered topically (on the exterior of the skin) because there have been reports of serious and lethal side effects when taken by mouth.
Moreover, according to reports from Mount Sinai, “oral homeopathic remedies do contain arnica, but they use a diluted form that is not considered dangerous. If you have any question about whether you have the herbal or homeopathic form of arnica, talk to your doctor.”
Nonetheless, there are reports dating back to the 1500s which tend to indicate the potential medicinal benefits of using arnica topically for therapeutic purposes, which we will discuss more below.
Benefits of Arnica for Pain Management


What Are the Potential Health Benefits of Arnica?

While research concerning the potential health benefits of using arnica topically is still ongoing, Mount Sinai along with other reputable health and scientific sources suggest that arnica may have potential medical uses when applied topically for a number of different ailments, including:
  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Bruises
  • Sprains
  • Muscle aches
  • Wound healing
  • Superficial phlebitis
  • Swelling from broken bones
  • Hair Loss
Moreover, recent studies suggest it may also be helpful in the treatment of burns.
You’ll note that joint discomfort, inflammation, bruising, muscle aches, etc. are all too common instances of pain for athletes and everyday individuals who push their bodies to their physical limits. With the looming opioid crisis, the number of active individuals who are looking for alternative solutions to pain management and recovery has increased significantly. That’s why at Fire+Ice we are proud to offer a potential alternative solution with our pure CBD isolate roll-on infused with quality ingredients like arnica that can potentially help maximize effects for pain relief and recovery.


Can Arnica Help with Pain Management?

As discussed, arnica is often utilized topically for its potentially anti-inflammatory effects that may also help with pain management, among other things. Scientifically, the plant contains “inflammation-fighting plant compounds, such as sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, and phenolic acids.” Therefore, the plant’s physiological makeup alone is believed to help with pain management when used topically on an affected area.
Moreover, in terms of scientific studies: “In a 2014 review study, applying topical arnica gel was found to be as effective as topical ibuprofen, a common pain reliever, at reducing osteoarthritis pain and improving physical function.” As a result, most active people know how convenient it can be to use a topical alternative when dealing with inflammation and bruises from physical exertion, especially if you’re someone constantly in transit –You likely desire fast, effective, and reliable products!
While we have highlighted the potential benefits of using CBD topicals the scientific community is not entirely in agreeance over the potential benefits of using arnica topically for pain management. Consequently, that’s due in part to large inconsistencies in dosing and lack of further quality research into homeopathic alternatives to mainstream pharmaceutical solutions. However, we believe in the potential benefits of combining arnica and pure CBD isolate.

Why Fire+Ice Includes Arnica in our Pain Management Products

Given the prevailing research behind the potential health benefits of arnica, at Fire+Ice, we believe in combining premium ingredients with our pure CBD isolate to potentially help enhance and maximize pain relief and recovery efforts.
As discussed briefly, we strive to provide products that will augment and complement one another through a process called the ensemble effect. While pure CBD isolate for pain relief and recovery might be beneficial, there are a number of other holistic plant compounds that may produce similar relief, while also targeting different cannabinoid receptors. After years of product research with real people and athletes, we are confident that we have the right combination of premium quality ingredients to address your pain and recovery needs.

Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Products with Arnica

Benefits of Arnica for Pain Management

If you are an active individual looking for alternative solutions to pain management and inflammation, we suggest you try our CBD Isolate Roll-On infused with arnica. One recent customer who reviewed this product noted, “neck and shoulder pain relief X 100! Huge difference during the day when operating equipment. Relaxes tense muscles in a big way.” Check out other reviews here.
As always, ask your doctor prior to using new wellness products, but we suggest applying our Fire+Ice roll-on to the affected area three times a day. Most of our customers see immediate relief that can last for up to four hours.
Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Roll-On utilizes a Triple Action Absorption Technology incorporating Arnica, Camphor and Menthol creating a unique Cold-to-Hot sensation that penetrates deep into sore aching muscles and joints for quick and effective relief and recovery. This product is infused with pure CBD isolate, harvested from American grown hemp.

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