What Every Athlete Should Know About CBD Topicals

What are CBD Topicals?

We know at Fire+Ice that part of being an athlete means pushing your body to its physical limits. Through rigorous repeated training and organized competition, athletes are prone to experiencing the physical tolls that sports tend to bear on the human body. Moreover, athletes can suffer from a myriad of potential physical injuries during training or on the field. Athletes are looking for sources of relief that are safe, reliable and compliant with athletic regulations.
While pain management in the U.S. has led to chronic issues surrounding over-the-counter prescription pain relievers, some athletes may find that CBD topicals are an alternative option. CBD topicals can come in many different forms, including: transdermal CBD patches, CBD muscle relief cream, and CBD roll on for pain, among other common dispositions. 
As many athletes know, most injuries can develop into persistent symptoms that may cause joint pain, stress, and inflammation, which can ultimately impact performance, or worse, withdraw a player from their season. Studies suggest that CBD topicals may help with these symptoms, and therefore have the potential to radically alter the way that athletes choose to recover from injuries. 
In fact, after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) took Cannabidiol (CBD) off of the prohibited substances list for sport, CBD has been routinely promoted by professional athletes as a method of recovery. Recently, Major League Baseball announced that teams can seek CBD sponsorships.  Below is a breakdown of what every athlete should know about CBD topicals. 

What do CBD Topicals Do?

While studies are currently ongoing regarding the potential benefits of CBD topicals for athletes, recent scientific data suggests that CBD may help reduce inflammation and provide some pain relief. Since CBD has become extremely accessible, it’s important to know exactly what’s in your CBD and what athletes might use CBD topicals for. 
What Every Athlete Should Know About CBD Topicals
CBD topicals might be a great option for athletes with localized pain or inflammation, as they can simply be applied directly on the affected area and as often as required. At Fire+Ice, in addition to CBD, our topicals contain additional active ingredients like Arnica, Curcumin Turmeric, Menthol, Camphor, Boswellia Serrata, plus various essential oils. Our goal is to combine the best ingredients to potentially complement the range of effects from CBD in its purest form. Science suggests that CBD topicals may potentially provide relief for:
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Inflammation
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Foot or hand pain
  • Arthritis
The chart below examines how CBD works in the body.
What Every Athlete Should Know About CBD Topicals


What are the Different Types of CBD Topicals for Athletes?

Transdermal CBD Patches

One option for athletes looking for relief is a transdermal CBD patch, like our Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Relief Patch. Transdermal CBD patches offer a myriad of therapeutic benefits for athletes who suffer from localized pain or inflammation. Moreover, topical CBD patches penetrate the affected area where there is high blood flow under the skin which may provide relief to the whole body. Therefore, athletes should attach the patch near an affected area which can often elicit a range of anti-inflammatory responses, especially when used in combination with other CBD topicals. 
A recent study found that “transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviors in a rat model of arthritis.” Additionally, the study found that CBD can be difficult  to absorb orally. Therefore, topical application of CBD “avoids gastrointestinal administration” which may provide more consistent results. Consequently, for athletes who grapple with stomach problems, a transdermal CBD patch may be a fast-acting option, as opposed to CBD gummies, which may provide relief for a variety of symptoms. Although, athletes should still consult a medical professional to determine the appropriate dose and potential side effects.

CBD Roll-On Sticks

Another common method is a CBD roll on, like our Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Roll-On. Many athletes are likely familiar with pain relief sticks which roll on to the affected area and often present a tingly sensation. While the CBD roll-on topicals may function similarly to these pharmaceutical based pain relief sticks, CBD roll-ons are not infused with the same potentially harmful chemicals. Instead, CBD roll-on sticks are typically infused with other vitamins, terpenes, and cannabinoids that may be beneficial for pain relief and inflammation. Our Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Roll-On has other ingredients like menthol and arnica that may provide further relief and recovery benefits. As discussed, athletes should likely consult medical professionals’ advice prior to use. 

CBD Pain Relief Cream

Like our Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Relief Cream, CBD cream for athletes is a great option for CBD beginners. Since the CBD market seems to be oversaturated with CBD pain relief creams, it’s very important to pay attention to the ingredients within these products. Fire+Ice contains over 50+ active ingredients in addition to CBD that may help trigger what we call the “Ensemble Effect.” Our extensive formulation may provide deeper holistic benefits than your average pain relief cream. For many athletes, a relief cream is an obvious first step into trying CBD to address injuries. CBD relief creams used after workouts may enhance recovery and provide localized pain relief. 

How do Fire+Ice CBD Topicals Differ from other CBD Products?

We call it the “Ensemble Effect.”  Fire+Ice CBD isolate topicals consist of proprietary formulations of our exclusive blend of up to 50 premium ingredients. Some of our non-CBD ingredients include Turmeric Curcumin, Arnica, Boswellia Serrata, MSM, Glucosamin, Methol, Camphor and essential oils (ingredients vary according to product).  Together, the synergistic effect of these elements deliver uniquely potent CBD athletics relief and recovery products.


Fire+Ice CBD Topicals

As we discussed in our recent blog, at Fire+Ice we use CBD isolate derived from hemp. Unlike full-spectrum and broad-spectrum processed CBD, isolate contains 100% Zero THC. Because of this, CBD isolate is a preferred extract type for athletes seeking the benefits of CBD.Check out our blog and website and blog for more information regarding CBD products and how our Fire+Ice CBD topicals for athletes may be an option for you! 
What Every Athlete Should Know About CBD Topicals


Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Relief Cream

Fire+Ice CBD Relief Cream is formulated with pure CBD Isolate, paired with our exclusive blend of over 50 premium ingredients, including Boswellia Serrata, Curcumin, MSM, and D&HCL Glucosamine. These elements combined with our Transdermal Technology create a powerful “Ensemble Effect” delivering a uniquely potent and potentially fast-acting CBD relief and recovery formula unmatched by any other CBD products.* Our Transdermal Relief Cream contains ZERO-THC and is WADA-Compliant.
What Every Athlete Should Know About CBD Topicals


Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Relief Patch

Fire+Ice Relief Patch utilizes Transdermal Technology to quickly penetrate active ingredients through all seven layers of the skin dermis and into the bloodstream for potentially fast-acting all-day relief. This Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD patch is water resistant and delivers constant and accurate dosing over a 24+ hour period. * Our Relief Patch contains ZERO-THC and is WADA-Compliant.
What Every Athlete Should Know About CBD Topicals

Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Roll-On

Fire+Ice CBD Isolate Roll-On utilizes a Triple Action Absorption Technology incorporating Arnica, Camphor and Menthol creating a unique Cold-to-Hot sensation that might penetrate deep into sore aching muscles and joints for quick and effective relief and recovery.* This product is infused with pure CBD isolate, harvested from American grown hemp. * Our Roll-On contains ZERO-THC and is WADA-Compliant.

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