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Founder’s Story

Fire+Ice was founded by three individuals with a combined 50+ years of executive experience building wellness brands, manufacturing hemp nutritional products, and growing industrial hemp seed on their own family farms.  Their goal is to provide uniquely potent CBD products geared to a niche market of Pro-athletes and active individuals looking for effective products to assist in relief and recovery.

Purpose Is Everything

Fire+Ice was founded because Pro-athletes were reaching out to our brand expert looking for “fast-acting & potent” CBD product recommendations due to her expertise in creating multiple successful cannabis and wellness brands. Her experience designing products for award-winning physicians, celebrities, and wellness leaders led to her researching CBD and THC products after her sister was affected with a serious nerve disorder with limited options for pain relief except for harmful opioids.  This 10-year journey to find healthier alternatives to aid recovery drives her passion to create potent and effective products that all people requiring treatment can afford.

Once the three partners met they quickly learned how their combined experience in creating wellness brands, hemp farming, and hemp food ingredient manufacturing, and international marketing of hemp products could create an innovative CBD brand that would offer a unique range of lifestyle products including topicals, edibles and nutritionals, for athletes and people who push their bodies daily.

About Fire + Ice


Our purpose is to deliver athletes and people with active physically demanding lifestyles effective natural pain relief recovery products,  wholesome nutritional products, utilizing only the purest plant ingredients and hemp derived CBD extracts. 

Fire+Ice is a THC-FREE Athletic Performance Brand born from a desire to heal & rejuvenate professional athletes and people with active lifestyles. We’re passionate about making effective, plant derivative infused natural products designed to alleviate pain and enhance physical performance and fast recovery.  We work hard to be the first choice for high-performance athletes and people that live a physically-demanding and active lifestyle.

Fire+Ice partners with professional sports leaders to advocate for an all-natural approach to fitness and wellness.  We believe in encouraging the next generation of youth to participate in sports, and strive to assist in bringing awareness and healing to athletes suffering from post traumatic injuries.


Mission Statement / Purpose Is Everything

About Us


We honour great athletes and we honour great athleticism.  We are a team of entrepreneurs, with varying backgrounds in wellness brand development, primary agriculture & hemp, nutrition, law, product formulation and herbology who originally started Fire +Ice to develop pre and post workout recovery products for all athletes and people who work hard.

After interviewing multiple pro athletes and active people we found many were silently suffering in pain and were looking for natural solutions as opposed to prescribed medications in order to get back into “action”.  Our products are designed to ease pain, reduce inflammation, to speed up healing and recovery, so the user can sustain a higher level of training and performance.

Our strategy is simple. We are an active lifestyle brand that is designed for daily use with zero negative side effects. We provide top quality effective natural products manufactured using the purest and most potent ingredients.

We value honesty, integrity and transparency in all of our business practises. Our products are unisex, are designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of who they they are, where they live, and what they do, and most importantly to encourage and support living a natural, healthy and active lifestyle.

We are thankful that we don’t have to worry about having the essentials of life, like the challenges faced in the developing world to find adequate daily food, shelter, and safety. Our corporate responsibility combines essentially two things, working to increase the quality of life for people both locally and globally, ranging from primary agricultural food self sustainability programs to supporting youth sport program participation. It’s a wide range, but we follow our hearts and try to make a difference where we can, and where the Fire+Ice communities passion lies, as where we are passionate, and where we are also effective.

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Making Innovative Products

Fire+Ice Athletics is a THC-free CBD Isolate brand, compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) regulations, ensuring athletes and other individuals would not trigger a positive result on a routine drug screening.

After multiple years of product research with real people and athletes testing various formulations, we were confident we had the right combination of premium quality ingredients, effective formulations, and large-scale FDA certified manufacturing facilities and successfully launched Fire+Ice Athletic CBD products in Spring 2021.

We have launched with 6 products ranging from market-leading potency of 2000mg to 4000mg tinctures, long-lasting pharmaceutical-grade patches, fast-acting transdermal cream, fruit-flavored gummies, and a unique cold to hot roll-on.

We do not follow trends instead we connect with pro athletes, medical professionals, and real people who live and breathe sports recovery and rejuvenation. Our testimonials are from real individuals with real results.


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